The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, one big ol' superhighway precisely mapped and smoothly paved.  For taking an alternate route, the road less traveled (which I might between the bumps and outside the ditches can provide some of the most breathtaking scenery and unforgettable experiences imaginable).  For frequent stops along the way, for keeping a little left of center, for seeing things in ways others may not, for wrong turns, for loyalty, for creativity, did I mention wrong turns?, for learning from those wrong turns, for being oneself, for the desire to be liked, respected and in some rare cases loved for and only for being oneself... Maybe this is as good as it gets.

Chet Nichols
Somewhere in Wilson County
August 2003

New Album Release

Somewhere Out There
Can't Get there From Here
As Good As it Gets
Circus Song
10 Years
Hole in the Moon
Two Tragic Lovers
When the Wells Runs Dry
I'D Still Wait
California Shore
I'll Come Back Someday

Show Dates:

Feb. 23rd   Via Cappuccino  8:00pm
3002 sunset Ave Rocky mount NC

Mar. 31st  Via Cappuccino  8:00pm
3002 sunset Ave Rocky mount NC

Apr. 1st  Java Mott's  8:00pm
Cobb Corner - Wal-Mart Shopping Center Rocky Mount

Apr. 18th  O'Cools Wilson   8:30pm
Brentwood Shopping Center Wilson NC

June 3rd    R. A. Fountain General Store   8:00pm
Hwy 258 & 22 Fountain NC


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